Categories of licence and the routes to gaining them

Category B is the mainstay licence qualification for aircraft maintenance staff under EASA. Category B Licences are available in two main categories:

B1 – mechanical (aircraft structure, powerplant and mechanical and electrical systems) which is divided into four sub-categories.
B2 – avionics (communications, navigation, radar, instrument and electrical systems).

How do I get a Licence?

There are two basic routes to an EASA licence: the self-starter route and the EASA.

Self-Starter Route:
To complete the self-starter route, you need to study for the EASA examinations associated with the category of licence you are seeking and then sit the exams at an EASA examination centre. To gain the knowledge needed to take the examinations, you can self-study or complete short courses or distance learning courses; a lot of providers are available and these can be found on the internet. If you follow this route, you will need to gain five years of maintenance experience on the appropriate category of aircraft in addition to passing all of the examinations before you can apply for a licence.

The EASA Part-147 course route:
Part-147 approved courses are of two to three years duration. However, once you have completed the course, you only need to obtain three years’ maintenance experience before applying to the CAA for your B Licence. Another benefit of this route is that the EASA assessment will normally be part of the course and based on the material you are taught. Also, when you are trying to get a job to obtain the required work experience, you are applying from a position of strength, having completed a worldwide, industry-recognised course.

For more detailed information on how to obtain a Part 66 Licence, please visit the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) (see Implementing Rules – Part 66) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) websites.

Category A – license path
Here is a pictorial view of the path to acheiving your Category A License*


*License issue subject to all requirements being met.

Category B – license path
Here is a pictorial view of the path to achieving your Category B License*

*License issue subject to all requirements being met.